Pro-Rider (Turf-Rated)

Pro-Rider (Turf-Rated)

Pro-Rider 10-12”

The EFX Pro-Rider is a smooth rolling, 4-ply turf approved golf cart tire. We upped the ante on the 215x65-10R and made it a DOT Radial, allowing you to enjoy the comfy ride on the streets as well as the course. This is an incredibly quiet tire that provides a plush ride on any hard surface. Available in a variety of sidewall heights for any LSV or golf car, this tire will work on any 10" or 12" golf cart wheel to enhance performance, ride quality and styling of your golf car.

Radial DOT Sizes  215x65-10R 
Biased Sizes  205x50-10, 215x50-12
Engineering  4 Ply  
Tread Depth  1/8" 
Overall Diameter  205mm=20.5" | 215mm=21.5"

360 Spins

tire specs

Part Number Size Weight Sidewall Load Index Speed Rating
FA-811 205/50-10" 12.20 BW 675 67N
FA-814 215/50-12" 13.50 BW 950 78N
FA-821 215/65R10" 15.80 BW 945

These are available in several different widths. Please select the desired size so we may determine which tires would fit best