MotoBoss (A/T-Mud)

MotoBoss (A/T-Mud)

The best of both worlds, performance and ride quality, the MotoBoss is here to deliver.  Combining the finest deep mud traction with a smooth, plush ride quality, the MotoBoss is the finest all-purpose tire to claw, climb, push and overcome ANY obstacle.  We went bananas on this design, incorporating the industry's best performing sidewall lug that gives you an edge on your competition in the pits, boulders or incline trails.  The tread pattern is an angular "V" pattern with extended center lug for purging thick mud for incredible performance on and off hard-pack trail systems. Available in a variety of sizes, the MotoBoss is a bullet-proof, 6-ply carcass with enormous 2"+ lugs in a new softer compound.

Available Sizes 28x10-14, 30x10-14, 32x10-15, 34x10-16
Engineering  6-Ply Bias
Tread Depth  2"+

360 Spins

tire specs

Part Number Size Weight Sidewall Load Index Speed Rating
MB-28-10-14 28X10.00-14" 47 BW 1000 80F
MB-30-10-14 30X10.00-14" 49.80 BW 1000 80F
MB-32-10-15 32X10.00-15" 53.80 BW 1000 80F
MB-34-10-16 34X10.00-16" 62 BW 1000 80F

These are available in several different widths. Please select the desired size so we may determine which tires would fit best