MotoMax (All-Terrain)

MotoMax (All-Terrain)

The MotoMax ATV tire is an all-purpose mud tire designed to perform in medium to light mud while providing a stable, comfortable ride on hard pack surfaces as well. Designed with deep 1″ lugs and a evenly spread contact patch for stable, controlled traction and the 6-ply carcass sports a rim protector to protect any aftermarket ATV wheel. The MotoMax tire has been a staple tire for thousands of riders all over the world and has proven its worth no matter what kind of terrain you plan to ride in. 

Available Sizes 27x10-14, 27x12-14
Engineering  6-Ply Bias
Tread Depth  .75"

360 Spins

tire specs

Part Number Size Weight Sidewall Load Index Speed Rating
MM-27-10-14 27X10-14" 28.30 BW 750
MM-27-12-14 27X12-14" 32.70 BW 750

These are available in several different widths. Please select the desired size so we may determine which tires would fit best